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Koi Water Barn is one of the most established respected Nishikigoi companies in the world. Established in 1983 in the United Kingdom, we are pioneers in the importation of koi carp from Japan for commercial sale since the 1960s.

We are proud to have been the first non-Japanese suppliers of the Grand Champion-winning koi at the prestigious All Japan Koi Show held in Japan, solidifying our reputation in Japan and around the world as being experts in high-quality Japanese koi selection. This also paved the way for other hobbyists around the world to compete and win at this now truly international koi show.

Tony Pitham is a well-known and recognized figure in the koi world. Due to his longstanding relationships and respect he has built up over 4 decades with all of the top breeders, he has been invited to judge at the All Japan Koi Show 8 times, demonstrating the respect and influence he has to pick the Grand Champions.

For 40 years we have been travelling to Japan, building relationships with all of the top koi breeders in Japan, combing through ponds and greenhouses from the North to the South of Japan, hand selecting the best koi for our clients. Having these decades of experience allow us not only to get access to the biggest and the best, but we also have the influence and relationships to buy larger quantities of smaller high quality koi at cheaper prices, something that most smaller koi dealers do not have the capacity to do.

If clients have a particular variety, size, variety, or grade level of koi in mind, we are able to source this direct from Japan for you. We will also help and guide a client if they wish to participate in the All Japan Koi Show.

Koi Water Barn are also leaders in residential and commercial koi pond design, construction and maintenance. We have honed technology and techniques in pond construction and filtration systems that allow koi to live and thrive in any climate. We can guarantee clear water no matter what type of environment. We have clients and projects extending to over 3 continents.


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