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Last Auction at the Current KWB site NOW SATURDAY 24th

Both Auction of Koi and sell off of filtration equipment from ponds

The Last ever Auction at Koi Water Barn before we move to our new Shop at Coolings will now be on Saturday 24th November, and will include the sell off of any filteration equipment from our ponds, as well as 18 lots of individual koi and 10 bagged lots. Viewing will be from 10am with the Auction starting at 12noon. As always free food drink all day!! 

Details of the 18 individual lots can be found on the Auction page and details of the bagged now added.

Please remeber if you are unable to attend you can bid online or by calling the shop on 01689 878 161.

Oase ProfiClear Compact Drum

Pump or Gravity up to 4000 gallons


The Oase Proficlear Drum the ultimate in compact fully automated self celaning filteration, for ponds up to 4000 gallons pump or gravity fed. Priced at the competitive price of £1995 and easy online ordering with a minimal footprint alloing wasy installtion. Larger models avaiabke and can be seen running at the shop now.

Oase BioTec Premium

Pump Fed only ideal for Ornamental ponds up to 4000gals

Oase's New Biotec Premium 80000 is a smaller version of the popular Proficlear Premium Drum Filter. This small, self contained unit has a self cleaning, rotating drum filter with a fine 150µm mesh size, enough to remove most particles of dirt and waste. This drum filter can be programmed to self clean at pre-determined intervals or can be left in auto mode which will self clean when needed. The Biological cleaning is resolved with 6 large, easy clean, foam filter elements (4 course, 2 fine) with a slide drain valve for easy draining off. 


Vitalis Sinking Koi Food now in stock

Click below to order

KWB Gift Cards

KWB Gift Cards - A great way to Save for the koi of your dreams!!

We no expiry date, a great way to save for the koi of your dreams or that revamp you have been thinking about to your filter system.

In any amount from five pounds upwards!! Simply keep buying them and beofre you will know it you will have put enough aside for that dream purchase!

Simply call the shop on 01689 878 161 or email to order.


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Main Pond at the Barn - End of Season sale 50% off marked prices

All koi in the main pond have 50% off the marked price until the end of the year!!

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