JULY 2020


Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic Koi Water Barn has postponed all Auctions until such a time that it is demand safe to hold these events. We hope this to be our July Auction, but will respect and act upon guidelines issued month by month as to if we can or cannot hold this.


Koi Water Barn have become famous throughout the UK for our Koi Auctions.

Five events are hold over the course of the year, with the first always taking place on Easter Sunday, and is a great day with massive turnout and a good start to the Koi Season in earnest!

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We hold 5 Auction Events.

The remaining events take place start of July just before the schools break up for the summer holiday, and this is normally one of the biggest Auctions held. September sees us hold our end of summer auction which is normally within the first two weeks of the month. Then either the last weekend in November or first weekend in December sees us hold our Christmas and end of year Auction, which is a very sociable event. Thank you to the support of our customers over the year, so again this is very well attend both by bidders and those just wishing to come and enjoy the hospitality of the Barn!

The four auctions mentioned above all take a very similar format, with an election of 20 to 30 bags of smaller koi being auctioned first, followed by 30 to 40 individual koi being sold.

The fifth and final auction, which has yet to be mentioned is new event in our calendar since moving to Coolings. This is the Auction of the ‘Feed the Fish Pond’ koi, and this event takes places the last weekend of October.

As the name suggests, this event see all of the koi in ‘Feed the Fish Pond’ sold off over the winter so that the pond can be cleaned and used as a water feature display area over the colder months ahead.

All of the five auctions, take a very similar format all being on Sundays, with viewing of the lots from 10am, and then the live auction from 12 noon. Free food and drink is always on hand at all our events normally from 11am on the day. Details of all of the lots to be auctioned are added to our website with video the week leading up to the event for the individual lots, and then the day before for the bagged lots.

The website will show guide prices which hopefully give an indication as to what we think the koi will sell for but as said is only a guide.

If you see something you like and wish to make a bid but are unable to attend the event you can call us in the shop on 01689 878 161 to make a telephone bid before the day of the event. All you need to do is call and leave your details, and the maximum amount you are willing to pay for the koi. We will not start at this amount and as it’s an auction you may well get for less!


View Our Koi being Auctioned.