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Submersible Amalgam UVC

Amalagam UV-C provides radiation wiith a wavelength of 253.7nm which is generated by the special light source UV lamp, ensuring a lethal effect on bacteria including legionella bacteria. The submersible Amalgam uvc ensures that your pond or pool water stays clean, fresh and clear in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

This special UVC radiation neutralises bacteria viruses and other primitive organisms stopping them from multiplying. The unit has a built in high frequency electronic ballast which absorbs current fluctuations and protects the lamp. The amalgam lamp is not affected by temperature fluctuations in the water and generates a constant powerful ouput. 

Submersible UV-C lamps have a big advantage compared to convention UV-C units. (These lamps can be used in filter tanks so the water can pass without any resistance/pressure loss)

The plastic end of the lamp has a 32mm diameter so you can use 32mm pipe clips to mount the lamp in the tank. (Total length of the lamp (40 and 75 watt) is 100cm.) These new models can be opened so the lamp can be replaced. (quartz sleeve and ballast can be used again). A special tank connector is now available for direct installation in i.e. filters (See picture). For mounting it needs a hole of 48mm (1.5" male thread.) 


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