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Evolution Aqua evouv - NEW

Introducing the NEW evoUV!

Early in 2011, there will be a brand new range of UV clarifiers hitting the pond world. Our innovative evoUV range will comprise of three sizes, the evo30, evo55 and the evo110.

The evoUV range features

- 3 bulb sizes, 30 watt, 55 watt and 110 watt
(comprising 2 x 55 watt bulbs).

- Electronic ballast

- Integrated UV bulb life indicator and power light

- UV stabilised PE outer casing which has a higher reflective index than stainless steel.

- Unique design that gives less head loss than other manufacturers’ models, saving energy costs.

- Thermal safety protection means that the unit will switch off before it overheats.

- 2" inlet and outlet on the evo110; and on the evo30 and 55 models there will be a 1.5" inlet or stepped hosetail option available.

- Unit can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

This item is not expected to be in stock until March/April 2011, however we are taking pre-orders at these amazing prices......

evo30 - £125.00

evo55 - £140.00

evo110 - £210.00

Stocks are limited at these prices, but to be sure you secure your order at these very special prices, please proceed to check out once your item is placed in your basket. Then once these arrive with us we will contact you via email and dispatch immediately.


**Conditions - only valid on like per like items - excludes special promotions on our site, and any site we price match against - not valid against short shelf life stock - we reserve the right to terminate sale and offer a full refund were we feel the item is being sold for less than cost, or the company selling does not have in stock.

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