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This pocket size guide to everything koi covers most things, from building ponds to choosing what Koi varieties to buy. Seperated into four sections, part one examines equipment and pond systems, part two looks at how to build a pond, part three focusses on Koi for showing and part four presents a full colour guide to the Koi varities. The Koi varieties sextion is of particualr interest as it describes the variations between different Koi in simple terms, such as scale mutations and fin balance. It's also interesting to read about how Koi keeping began and where Koi come from. The book is bright and colourful, and great value, making it all the more readable. --Koi Keeping Magazine


The traditional image of an encyclopedia as a large, heavy volume only occasionally taken down from a dusty shelf is blown out of the water by this new range of mini-encyclopedias. These are comprehensive, concentrated packages of up-to-date practical guidance on a variety of fishkeeping and water gardening themes. The core text is amplified and extended by panels, captions and annotations that accompany the photographs and graphic illustrations. The first part of each volume consists of a hands-on practical section that follows the step-by-step progress of a specific project. Accompanying text includes technical advice on the equipment required to complete each stage of the project. The second part features a wide range of species or varieties relevant to the subject. These profile sections are profusely illustrated with stunning colour photographs and are designed to inspire readers to expand their collections. By combining practical and reference sections, these mini encyclopedias represent the ideal compromise in a world where shelf space is limited but the thirst for knowledge increases every day.

From the Inside Flap

In this Shiro Utsuri, the black (sumi) is the primary colour. Other varieties in the same Utsurimono secton include Hi Utsuri (red on black) and Ki Utsuri (yellow on black). Reference to photograph.

Young fish with potential to improve further are called Tategoi. this is a Tategoi Sanke (a popular red-and-white variety with added black). Reference to photograph


From the Back Cover

This mini encyclopedia is packed with sensible advice and practical guidance. Part one examines the equipment and systems used to create and sustain the water quality that koi need to flourish. Part two looks in detail at how to build a koi pond, with plans and step-by-step sequences for both a liner and a brick-built rendered pond.
Part three focuses on koi as fish and prized exhibits, from their anatomy and nutritional needs to health care, breeding and showing. Part four presents a full, richly illustrated guide to koi colour varieties.

About the Author

Keith Holmes & Tony Pitham have a wealth of experience in all aspects of the koi hobby, from pond building to koi health and appreciation. Tony is a frequent visitor to japan to purchase high-grade koi and is a regular judge at the Shinkokai All-Japan Show. Both write regularly for koi magazines worldwide. They have prepared Parts 1-3. Nick fletcher, former editor of the UK aquatic monthly Practical Fishkeeping, regularly contributes articles to this and other fish-related publications. Nick is actively involved in his local koi club. He has prepared Part 4.


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