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Aquaforte Ultra-Bead Beadfilter

Beadfilters are closed (pressure) vessels filled with millions of small plastic beads. These beads float and therefore provide a means of mechanical filtration and the enormous surface of these beads provides the biological filtration.

Mechanical filtration: the beads float in a closed vessel and are packed very close to each other. The pressure of the pump makes the water flow upwards through the beads. The small dirt particles will stick to the beack pack. The longer the filter is active the more bio film there will be around the beads and therefore small particles can be filtered.

Biological filtration: the specific surgace of the beads is about 1600m2 per m3 (6 timies more than a blue japanese matting), so the bio-film layer around the beads is exremely useful for nitrifying bacteria that consume vast amounts on ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. The fish load in the table is absed on 1% feed per day. 

Recommended pump capacity: in a water colum of 2 - 3m (0.2 - 0/3 bar) the pump should be able to circulate 50% of the actual water volume per hour (see specifications of the various pumps. Ponds larger than 40m3 should have a pump with an actual capacity of 25% to 33% of the water volume per hour.

 Product  Size h x dia Beads Pond Size Max Fish Load  Volume
 UB-40  83 x 48 cm 50 ltr 9.5 m3 35 kg 82 ltr
 UB-60  100 x 61cm 120 ltr 38 m3 100 kg 120 ltr
 UB-100  110 x 76 cm 170 ltr 57 m3 135 kg  170 ltr
 UB-140  120 x 92 cm 255 ltr 95 m3  200 kg 455 ltr 



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