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Oase New BioTec Premium 80000

Oase's New Biotec Premium 80000 is a smaller version of the popular Proficlear Premium Drum Filter. This small, self contained unit has a self cleaning, rotating drum filter with a fine 150µm mesh size, enough to remove most particles of dirt and waste. This drum filter can be programmed to self clean at pre-determined intervals or can be left in auto mode which will self clean when needed.

The Biological cleaning is resolved with 6 large, easy clean, foam filter elements (4 course, 2 fine) with a slide drain valve for easy draining off. This filter is designed to be pump fed with a maximum flow rate of 12500 lph(2700gph).

Recommended for Koi ponds up to 20000 litres (4440 gallons).

Available from Koi Water Barn March 2015.

To view Oase's Youtube video for the Biotec Premium 80000 CLICK HERE

Dimensions in mm (L x B x H) 885 x 675 x 820
Rated voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption 5 W
Power consumption cleaning 670 W
Cable (m) 5,00 + 1,00
Net weight (kg) 65,00
Guarantee (+request guarantee)* 3 years
Control unit Micro controller
Temperature Digital
Coarse debris extraction (µm) 150
Number of nozzles/flush quality 1 x 4,0 l / min
Flush pump 4 bar
Flush automation Sensor, time interval, manual
Filter surface area (cm²) 1135
Material GRP Duroplast / stainless steel
Foam filters blue 4
Foam filters red 2
Number of inputs 1
Input size (mm / inches) 50 mm / 2'
Connection to Bitron Eco 120 – 240w,
Bitron C 36 – 110w
Number of outputs 1
Output connections DN 110
Dirt output connection DN 75
Flushing gutter connection DN 110
 Min. flow rate (l/h) 7500
Max. flow rate (l/h) 12500
Installation height above water level (cm) 51


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