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Cloverleaf Blanketweed Answer

Blanket Answer” is a unique blend of minerals and enzymes . The special formula  works  where many  bacteria cultures fail. It is 100% safe for all pond fish, plants, and biological filtration systems. UV units or protein skimmers need not be switched off. Unlike  other  products on the market  Now newly available in 800g. 2kg. and 4kg. tubs.

Blanket Answer is simply added to the pond by pouring the mixed powder and pond water from a  designated watering can  evenly over the surface. The pond will initially take on a  milky appearance, but this will clear after about 5 days. The ingredients will form  a powdery layer on the liner face.
 Important : As with most water additives, the pond should have a good level of oxygen saturation.
For optimum results use in water temperature of  more than10 degrees centigrade.
During and after applying,  wash hands, and store the product in a dry place away from the reach of children.  
The introduction  to the pond of any chemicals or treatments should be  at least 10 days from the application of Blanket Answer.
Blanket Answer will start to work immediately, and will   contribute to the filter mediums staying cleaner.
Remember,  nothing is to be gained by applying a higher than recommended  dose .
800 gram bottle will treat ponds up to 10,000 litres .1 level scoop treats 285 litres (65 gals). For health & safety advice see bottom of page.
Special Note : Most users of Blanket Answer have found that after one  dose  no more has been required . But in the unlikely event, more can be added  later if needed.
From our own use we have found it beter to put in half of the dose one week, then the rets of the dose the following week.

For Bulk orders please email us as EXTRA SPECIAL deals can be worked out on larger order. Please call us on 01689 878 161 or email us for details.


**Conditions - only valid on like per like items - excludes special promotions on our site, and any site we price match against - not valid against short shelf life stock - we reserve the right to terminate sale and offer a full refund were we feel the item is being sold for less than cost, or the company selling does not have in stock.

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