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2009/10 Tategoi competition results

This years returned koi have to be the best for many a year, and a real credit to there owners. The number returned this year was 11 which meant for a fierce competition. All of the returned koi were in the region of 50cm and above, and all had shown remarkable improvement in body shape and overall quality. When it cam down the judging which was carried out by Keith Holmes, Andrew Logan, Ray Tucker, Tony Hussey, and Tim Fisher, three fish stood out after the first round of voting. These three koi were a Kage Showa, which was owned by John Doze, and then a further Showa with Heavy Sumi, and a Kohaku which where both owned by Jim Litchfield. All of these three koi were amazing, but to narrow it down to these three was hard as the overall quality was so high. Of these three koi, the Kage Showa owned by John Doze stood out but still had a lot to do, and given time can only improve. When the picking was done in 2009 this was one of the most talked about koi, but at the time it had two major tears in each of its pectoral fins which put a number of people off selecting it. John however did select it and has done well in getting the fins healed to the point that they were on the day of judging, but there is still a little bit of time needed, but when they are there with the continued development this is going to be one of these koi that everyone who sees it will go WOW. The second showa in the last three was owned by Jim Litchfield, and again at the time of picking this koi appeared to have a less then perfect body shape being slightly swollen to one side which at the time put a number of people off. Well after a year in Jim's pond can you see it, well no nor could we, and the bright red head markings combined with the large amounts of sumi made this a very striking koi. Finally the Kohaku which again was owned by Jim Litchfield simply ticked the boxes it had great skin, fantastic body shape, good depth of beni, great Kiwa and Shasi, and just simply stood out above the two showa's. So the decision was made to award the 2009/10 tategoi competition to Jim Litchfield, which in fact is the second time he has won the last being with a Dianchi Showa in 2008. For regulars to the competition in pervious years we had a regular winner in the form of Julian Read who simply seemed to have an amazing knack to grow koi big. Unfortunately Julian passed away in 2009, so as a tribute the winner from this year onwards will be presented with the Julian Read Memorial Shield, along with the prize of a voucher to spend on koi to the value of £1000.

To help give you an understanding as to the development of these koi, below are pictures of the koi when selected and then on the day of judging. Along with this information will be added from John Doze, and Jim Litchfield as to the conditions in which the koi were kept, feed, and general maintainence to give you an insight into how they managed to develope these koi so well in the space of 1 year. Hopefully this will wet your appeatite and encourage you to take part in this years 2010/11 event which still has a few koi up for grabs - click here!!!

Once again all at the barn would like to say well done to everyone who brought there koi back, and good luck to all that are entered into the 2010/11 competition.


 John Doze - Sakai Hiroshima Kaga Showa - 34cm 2009 / 58cm 2010 - GROWTH =24cm



















Jim Litchfield - Sakai Hiroshima Showa -  30cm 2009 / 57cm 2010 - Growth 27cm



















Jim Litchfield - Sakai Hiroshima Kohaku - 31cm 2009 / 56cm 2010 - GROWTH 25cm




















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