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Lee Manning - Grand Champion

All England Show 2014

Congratulations to Lee Manning for taking Grand Champion at the All England Show with an impressive 76cm SFF Kohaku, which was supplied by Koi Water Barn 4 years ago.

Left: Lee's kohaku in 2012

Ryan Persechino - Superior Champion

All England Koi Show 2014

Well done to Ryan Persechino for taking Superior champion at the same show again with a SFF Kohaku now size 84cm which was supplied again by Koi Water Barn 2 years ago as Nisai at 53cm.


2006 All Japan Koi Show

KWB are still the most successful European entrant and the only European Supplier of the grand champion of the all Japan Koi Show in 2006 and other show winning koi of all varieties.

Tony Pitham MD of Koi Water Barn pictured here with Martin Plows and Mark Crampton winning the 2006 All Japan Koi Show with an amazing Sakai Hiroshima Kohaku "Super Mask".

This kohaku went onto to have its own bloodline "Yamato".



Congratulations to Andy Baker at he 2014 Winter Show

Andy Baker won the following three awards with a Sakai Fish Farm Sanke purchased from us in 2012:
1st in size 6 Sanke, 2nd in all varieties , Best in Variety (So best Sanke at Show)
Andy was keen to point out the folloiwing " At only 67cm I nearly didn't take her as you would think she would be up against it, when being compared with say 73/74cm Sanke's etc and size 6 all varieties was a pretty hotly contested size, ( wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't 15 / 20 size 6 fish at the show) but her quality really shone through. I know you love to sell the more expensive fish, but I'm sure it wouldn't do business any harm to promote the fact that fish under a grand can play with the big boys. Hopefully she will continue to grow and improve, as I will be showing at all the major shows this year including the Nation, so hopefully we can nick a major prize with her, later on in the year :-)"
So a massive well done to Andy from all at Koi Water Barn.

Koi Water Barn Supplied SFF Sanke wins the ProfiDrum Western Cape Show October 2013

Koi Water Barn would like to congratulate Ernst van Dyk, for winning grand champion with a Koi Water Barn supplied Sakai Fish Farm Hiroshima Sanke, at the ProfiDrum Western Cape show in South Africa. This amazing Sanke was some 75cm and 4years old and from the Big Rose Blood Line. Judges commented on the excellent placement of the sumi and excellent white skin!
Once again Congratulations from all at Koi Water Barn.
Pictures of The Sakai Sanke:

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