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KWB Auction September 10th 2017

Details of Bagged Lots now posted on Auction Page

Also it is not long now till our next Auction, and we have moved all of the larger koi now so these can all be viewed in Pond 14 at the Barn, and video of all of these has also been added to the Acution page of the website. So be sure to check this out.

Details of al of the smaller koi have now been posted to the Auction page as well.

Viewing from 10am - Auction 12noon - FREE BBQ and Drink throughout the day!

Please do not forget if you are unable to attend you can place a bid online or call us with your maximum bid!

Cash Back Bank Holiday Offer

27th till the 29th May 2017


LATE May Bank Holiday Opening 2017

27th / 28th / 29th MAY 2017

Koi Water Barn is fully stocked with Koi and Dry goods ready for the 2017 LATE May Bank Holiday.

The Shop will be open:

Saturday 27th 8.30am to 4pm

Sunday 28th 10am to 4pm

Bank Holiday Monday 29th 10am to 4pm

NEW VIDEO SECTION Added 13th March 2017

New Video Section added to the website, which will be added to over the coming weeks, and wehenver anything is published which has Koi Water Barn in it. Simply click VIDEOS in the left hand menu!! Enjoy!!

Omosako Shipment - Koi now at Barn

Video now on-line!

New Video footage of the Omosako Koi was taken on Saturday 11th March 2017, and all of the koi now have a video! All of these koi are at the barn and ready for sale now!!! Please also remeber we can ship to most UK postcodes free of charge is your order comes to over £200!

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